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Hello, the error_log of my sites /home/domain.com/logs is not generating anything, all made empty I thought it might be permission error something but access_log generates normally.
What can it be?


I also have empty error logs, maybe we have sites without any errors :wink:

kkkkk it would be mto good, pity that is not it: / kkkk

CyberPanel uses server level error file for all virtual hosts /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log

CyberPanel uses server level error file for all virtual hosts /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log

yes, if I see the general log of this path it is filled up because in order to find something on a server that has 7 sites is a bit complicated.
If in this path it generates the log, because the log of the website in the folder /home/domain.com.br/logs/ the error_log is empty and does not generate the only logo of this domain ???


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Hmmm, why would there be a site level error log link inside Cyberpanel then. Kinda confusing if you use server level logs then remove the link to check site level logs.

However, I agree with the OP above, if one has multiple websites hosted then trying to track down a site specific error in the server logs could be challenging. I guess if one is tracking down an error happening “right now” then all you would have to do is scroll to the end of the log file, but again, then why have an option for site level logs??

After 2 years, same problems…

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Today there’s still the empy error log for domain.
Maybe that’s not important for a lot of people, but for example with Plesk, its very easy to find an error in one domain and fix it. With Cyberpanel its a nightmare.

Any plans with this?

CyberPanel will add this soon and make an announcement when added.

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i had the same reply from lightspeedtech (i asked them support cause i bought the litespeed enteprirse + cyberpanel bundle), but i am sure some days ago on my onpelitespeed server i didn’t have any problem, i started to have problems with my litespeed enterprise server, wich didn’t create the error log file at all… i also made a post here Cyberpanel doesn't create error.log - #5 by Caffeinedesign

about this, i always had those: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘wc:’ [getErrorLogs] whenever i clicked on the website error log, i tried to manually create error log file in website, and cyberpanel now reads them, but they always are empty. But now seems also my openlitespeed server has empty logs

so is it an unsupported feature? is it possible i saw it in some websites in my first OLS server?

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Meanwhile, you can change error log level in OLS webadmin.

  1. Login to Openlighspeed admin.
  2. Choose your website under Virtual Hosts.
  3. Go to Log tab and edit Virtual Host Log by changing Log Level to let’s say NOTICE.

It worked for me. One may also want to change Keep Days and Compress Archive settings to save some space on the server :wink: