DKIM not bound to email

There seem to be an awful lot of entries in support regarding DKIM, I’ve read all the ones I could find and most seem to relate to using a CDN like cloudflare. I’m not using a CDN at all, everything is hosted through my server using cyberpanel only. I couldn’t find anything that covered my issue. I also watched the tutorial on how to get 10/10 email score. It didn’t solve my issue.

So, what are my symptoms?

I have DKIM generated and in as a txt record as shown in the image below. The entry has the “” removed as per every thread regarding cloudflare. It hasn’t helped.

When I send an email, the email does not bind a DKIM register so the receiving server never looks up DKIM for a signature. This is illustrated by the below pictured results from mail-tester and the picture below that showing the lack of a “signed by” in gmail.


As you can see below the DKIM pair is generated in full.

I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

Hello @someone

Check this out

Not helpful in the slightest.

DNS is set up correctly. Again, I am not using a CDN and am not interested in setting one up.

As you read in the tutorial removing the commas is only necessary for Cloudflare users. If you are not using cloudflare do not edit

Try and regenerate DKIM keys https://SERVER_URL:8090/email/dkimManager

I have many dns records managed by CyberPanel without the need to edit DKIM keys manually. I have never edited these DNS records manually

I recommend if all fails try and setup your DNS with CloudFlare

Oh, well if you have many dns records managed by CyberPanel than this must not be a problem I’m experiencing then. lol

The problem exists with or without the quotations ( , ← that is a comma). The addition of quotations in a DKIM txt record is not standard. It shouldn’t cause a conflict for most systems but removing them likewise doesn’t hurt.

There is currently no way to regen a DKIM pair (DomainKeys Identified Mail, adding key to the end is superfluous and redundant) via DKIM manager. You can only generate DKIM pairs via DKIM manager if no key as previously been generated for the domain. Currently the only way to regen a DKIM pair on the system is via CLI.

Please note: I have already attempted this previously as part of my problem solving prior to this post and as should be obvious by the existence of this post it did not solve the issue.

Again, I am not interested in CloudFlare. It’s only helping if you actually read what the other person writes and respond insightfully to their words.