Disable git manager for site?

Hi all,

I accidentally clicked Manage Git on one of my sites, and now I’m getting emails every day about the system checking for commits. I never really set up anything, I just clicked the link to see what’s on the other side and now somehow I activated this.
How can I deactivate the managed git on this site? Just to be clear, I do not want to remove this cronjob or the managed git entirely, I just want to undo the activation for this site.

[CalculateAndUpdateDiskUsage Cron] Checking if [sitename] has any pending commits on 07.14.2023_07-00-14.
[CalculateAndUpdateDiskUsage Cron] Finished checking for [sitename] on 07.14.2023_07-00-14.

Any help would be appriciated.

Hello @xmedia

It is a two step proccess to enable git manager therefore I hardly believe this was by mistake. See this How to use Git Manager in CyberPanel

You can remove any git repositories using manage git from the same website you enabled it from.

What is the second step exactly, I’m pretty sure I did not connect the website to Git or anything.

This is the page. There is nothing set on the page and nothing to remove.

Then its not enabled. I oblige you to look at the tutorial to understand that for you to use git manager all steps have to be taken.

I appreciate your reply, but if it is not enabled, why am I getting these emails?
This is the whole point I’m making. I dont want it enabled, I didn’t enable it and I dont want these emails. I just opened the page, never saved anything or set anything up. I don’t even want nor need to use the git manager, so why go through a tutorial on how to set it up?

Makes no sense. But I’ll auto delete these emails if there is no way to turn it actually off.

From this I understand that you believe git manager is performing some sort of cronjob on the website you visited git manager.

No, I don’t beleive anything. It’s not about what I think, why would you say that?
I receive emails every day from Cyberpanel from a function I did not activate. I visited the page, now I get emails and I can’t find a way to disable it.
Does anyone know a way to disable it is my question. if the page runs a cron of a function is not something I have interest in. I just want to disable the GIT for this site that was somehow activated.

Since nobody seems to know how this panel actually works, I had to dig in the panel scripts myself again.
Turns out there is a folder created under /home/cyberpanel/git/. The script merely checks if there is a folder there.

SO, to test the theory if the page does something without me clicking Init Repo or Attach existing Repo I’ve deleted to folde and opened up the page again.
There’s a dropdown, click on it and select a folder. (But don’t click Init Repo. I don’t want to setup anything, just see what is available)

And there you go, the folder is created and thereby without saving or actively initiating anything the server did something that triggers an email every day (or hour in my case).

So for the people of the future that might have the same thing: Go into /home/cyberpanel/git, delete the folder that was created and the emails will stop.

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