Deleted sites still show up in /home/

I deleted some websites, and their customer accounts a while ago, and they still seem to be showing up in my /home/ directory even after deletion.

Is there any way to permanently get rid of them? After a server reboot, if I manually remove them, they’re back there again.

Another issue I’ve had is that a particular user wasn’t entirely deleted from the server for some reason. Their user stood there for months on end even after deletion. I’ve gone ahead and removed it by checking the usernames in /etc/passwd and have gotten rid of it with userdel.

Do I have to remove some sort of DNS zones? If so, how do I do that? There’s no mention of those domains in any of the DNS-related sections of the panel.

What are your takes on this? Have any of you encountered this before? Is it an issue related to my config or CyberPanel?

I use CentOS 7.6 and the latest version of CyberPanel. I am planning on migrating to another distro (possibly Ubuntu or AlmaLinux later on)

Can you check if your issue is similar to this one on the part of it creating the folders back:

For a while, I’ve been looking for posts mentioning that, but I wasn’t ever able to come across them. That’s why I decided to create this post.

Looking at it, it very well could be the answer to my first problem. I’ve removed the files containing the names of the now-deleted accounts, and I’ll see if they ever come back again.

I have also edited the file in /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical with the recommended config.

However, the second question remains. Why wasn’t that account entirely deleted?

About the second issue indeed, that should be deleted.
I’m a bit busy at the moment and will have to check a pending solution for a post from yesterday, but I will mark that to take a look as well. But to permanently fix it only cyberpanel team can do it.

Sometime deletion take time and while we cancel the process please when you delete recheck after selecting domain few times

From now on I will make sure to remove most of the contents manually then use the automatic deletion tools.