Delete domain error

When I try to delete domain it say it’s deleted but in list domains it still exist. How to fix that?

Me too

What is resolution?

Run force upgrade.

Can you tell command?

Great that helped with domain deletion. I have problem with WordPress install from panel it doesn’t install just empty public_html folder

Please debug see what happens

After I did upgrade it stopped working all sites and in services status I see Litespeed Ent, is this normal?

From this link Error Could not connect. Please refresh this page. — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

What kind of upgrade did you follow?

This one Upgrading CyberPanel - CyberPanel
It works now, i don’t know what happened

I can’t send email also after upgrade

If you say you can’t send emails, I can’t help you. You need to provide more details, error logs etc.