Delete child domain and document root

Hello all,
I have deleted a child domain (created for a Wordpress website), but I probably forgot to select “delete root directory” also. Now on the default domain I have a disk usage of about 200 mb. What can I do to free that space? Thank you

Welcome @Cosmic Happy you are here


$ rm -rf /home/

Then make sure its records does not exist by using admin panel go to phpmyadmin and look for database cyberpanel under it is a table websiteFunctions_websites also check for a table called domains see if your website is listed there. Delete any entries of your domain

  1. Which server os is this?
  2. Are you running latest upgrade of cyberpanel ?

Hi @josephgodwinke, and thank you for your answer.

Now on websiteFunctions_websites and domain table I have only the default domain

Server os: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 3
Current Commit: 7e18b8688c61266566d7d401c845701888b08a32
Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 3
Latest Commit: 7e18b8688c61266566d7d401c845701888b08a32

I used CP to delete website fail , so I use phpMyAdmin to delete my domain of each field, but only this field can’t delete, how to delete by command?
But the folder in /home/doaminName has been delete by UI.

I have deleted tables "domains X 12 " & " records X 1 "
Because I want to create the same domain name but it shows already exists.

CP 2.3.4-dev + Ubuntu20.04