404 error in one only website after deleting some child domain sites

Only one site gives me 404 error. The rest of sites works fine.
But I can’t get this one to work after deleting and recreating it several times.
I have followed the indications that I have seen in other similar posts without success.
I have deleted child folders from some sites. I don’t know if this is the problem.
The folder and file permissions are similar to other sites that work just fine.
Please, could you help me to solve this?
Many thanks in advance.

I forgot to comment that new sites that I create work perfectly. Only that site gives a 404 error.

Welcome @jldelmoral Happy you are here

If you have deleted all the websites you do not need e.g. mymauticwebsite.com and all its child domain websites.

Sequence of deletion being:

  1. Delete all child websites and emails
  2. Delete all primary domain websites

Try this:

  1. Upgrade CyberPanel copy and reboot your server.

  2. If that doesnt work go to the following places to remove traces of said websites:

  • rm -rf /home/mymauticwebsite.com/* /home/subdomain.mymauticwebsite.com/*

To confirm the websites do not exist cd /home/ && ls -l

  • Go to https://SERVER_URL/phpmyadmin/index.php?route=/sql&db=cyberpanel&table=websiteFunctions_websites&pos=0 and confirm mymauticwebsite.com has no entry. If it does delete it.

  • Go to https://SERVER_URL/phpmyadmin/index.php?route=/sql&db=cyberpanel&table=domains&pos=0 and confirm mymauticwebsite.com has no entry. If it does delete it.

  • If said websites had databases go to https://SERVER_URL/phpmyadmin/index.php?route=/sql&server=1&db=cyberpanel&table=databases_databases&pos=0 and confirm there are no databases from the deleted websites.

  • Go to https://SERVER_URL/phpmyadmin/index.php?route=/sql&server=1&db=cyberpanel&table=e_domains&pos=0 and confirm no records exist that tie mymauticwebsite.com to any child domains

  • Delete all SSL certificates any How to get Cloudfare SSL? - #12 by josephgodwinke

Reboot server


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show me htaccess and public_html directory

It worked for me. Thank you so much!

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