Cyberpanel delete all files and directors public_html

A fatal error has just occurred on the latest version on my vps.

After I clicked on backup website, I got the message that the backup failed and the entire folder with the public_html file was deleted.

Data cannot be recovered. I lost everything.

This error should not be able to backup instead of deleting the entire public_html.

Log information:

  • Start backup

  • Backup failed because of insufficient disk space (19/32Gb)

  • public_html is completely removed.

Website cannot be displayed.
The public_html directory could not be added.

  • Delete website
  • Create a new website

Please make sure you upgrade your cyberpanel setup. The latest version doesnt have such issues.

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can you please share the cyberpanel version with us?

I had the same problem, I almost lost my job because of it, luckily I had backup, it happened on a dedicated server I want to manage, I never use Cyberpanel again.


Is this then a known issue? It was totally fixed, because of the most serious things that can happen, this is one of the worst.

Happened to me and I’m on version 2.1

Which Log file might have a clue about this?

Happened to me yesterday, deleted the whole folder but I had backup.

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In the world of technology, anything can happen and having a backup ready is always a savior.

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It was reported by users back then in around august or September month but the developers were unable to reproduce this bug because it doesn’t happen with all setups… Later got to know from cyberpanel users that if the server storage is less, then this bug triggers while doing restore operation.

It was fixed immediately after identifying the issue.

You need to update cyberpanel to get those bug fixes done.


Do not backup if you do not have enough space or inodes.

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It’s 0H night…again the error occurred on my big website. Total website size 1.7Gb and now = 0. Public_html = 0

I went into backup to delete old backups and didn’t do anything, I got an error message and all public_html was deleted.

Just make sure you have enough server storage left.

Make sure you are using latest cyberpanel version.

Restore your backup.

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With a 2Gb website, more than 10Gb of memory is more than enough. So this time the cause is not from memory.
VPS uses the latest version of cyberpanel since it was released, because I have a server to test the version, updates are always prioritized.

If you are on latest cyberpanel version, this file deletion issue would not have occurred.

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When was the last time you performed upgrade command? Cyberpanel minor updates doesnt change the version number. If you want to check this in detail, then do check cyberpanel at github branch.

Just do a cyberpanel upgrade using the upgrade command provided here.

Secondly, this issue was occured in August-September around and it happens with server having less remaining storage when restoring a backup. This was fixed immediately and so far none reported any issues with any file deletion.

If you are by any chance even after upgrading is having such issues, please share the relevant log files to see why this happened so that the developers can fix it.

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Thanks for the support. :wink:

Did you find the reason for your issue? If so, please do share with us.

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If the updates are minor, I haven’t updated yet. Update only when the version number on versionManagement changes. Currently creating a backup for VPS before running the upgrade command. Will notify if there is a similar problem.

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Both on 2 different VPS are reporting the same warning like this.


VPS 3 cant update

Please share vps provider details… Is it contabo by any chance? And the OS installed in your vps.

4th time on another website.
When I was issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL and as a result all /public_html/* was deleted. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

As I figured out backup needs a least 2 time size of website, because in first step the backup script copies the entire website to a subfolder in backup directory. After this all aassocaited databases are dumped in the same folder and some more informations. So we have twice he size. And at last step all is packed with tar.gz.

Maybe a good wish for wish list is a check of freevspace an of the size of the websites dir. If double this is more than free space the backup should quit before it do anything :wink:

My “solution” for prevent losing data is to move regular a backup file outside the websites homedir to the global /home/backup

And I do snapshots on regular times (cyberpanel is running on a virtual root server).

And I managed to install the “Synology Backup Agent”. It´s my hint for all ownders of a Synology NAS. The built in backup Tool called “active backup for business” is a perfect tool for me. After insalling its agent onyour machine you are able to run automated regular increental backups. I do it every hour. An best: there is a client version for linux servers

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