CyberPanel Challenge: Dedicated email server for all domains on main cyberpanel server?

CyberPanel is amazing

I currently use ZOHO for my email client because I use CloudFlare to hide the IP - basic Security setup.

Recently I installed a second cyberpanel instance for my dedicated email using a domain not behind CloudFlare. It works PERFECTLY and gets to the inbox! - Thank you Cyberpanel!

Challenge: How can I get off Zoho and direct all email traffic to the dedicated email server correctly?

Setup ( all latest cyberpanel commits on Ubuntu 22.04)

Main Server behind CloudFlare Proxy:, etc

Second server with direct IP’s exposed at registrar (GoDaddy)

How to configure CloudFlare Correctly to direct all email traffic to second server?

Here is the report: Email Header Analyzer, RFC822 Parser - MxToolbox

Email gets thru but errors…

Anyone using this setup?

if you see the obvious error - please let me know

Hello @ldavid

Please follow instructions here [TUTORIAL] How to setup DNS configurations for CyberPanel if you have any questions raise them here

Hello David,
Would you mind sharing where you host the email server? All I try say port 25 is closed :frowning: