Configuring the installation: Wordpress Installation failed. Error message: [404]

I have installed Cyberpanel on my server and it is running on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Everything is going on fine until at the point where I have to install WordPress using the installer. At that point the installation fails with the message “Installation failed. Error message: [404].” I have done this several times over and I have this error.

When I look into the installation directories, all the files for wordpress are there. When I load the domain url on the browser, the site is reporting this error: “Error establishing a database connection.”

same problem.

Solution can be found here:

@rhyker2u its not working for me, can you please suggest anything else which can help resolve it?

+1 same here
happen after optimized from cloud
and the already restored but still same result 404
wordpress installation completed
but database failed


sudo apt-get install php-mysql

This is one of the solution provided by @suspecthero . You can try it and check if it solves the issue.

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my problem solved with this option

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FYI, this issue was not fixed for me with install php-mysql. Moreover, that should not be the solution because it is not the lsphp version…

I solved it by upgrading CyberPanel, as detailed and confirmed by Usman in this thread Wordpress: Installation failed. Error message: [404]