Cloudflare DNS

Hi all, can anyone please send me the DNS config example with basic records (A, CNAME, AAAA, MX) when pointing NS to Cloudflare.

I’m having trouble configuring and website isn’t available.
I also tried to use API and sync DNS with CF, but still nothing, so I guess that I did something wrong.

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Check [TUTORIAL] How to setup DNS configurations for CyberPanel let me know if you get any issues

I don’t have any nameservers configured (using default hetzner’s). Accessing Cyberpanel via port:, then I have another domain2 .com which I used Cloudflare’s NS and managing it there.
I created domain2 .com website in Cyberpanel.
The question is, do I need to have custom nameservers in order for this to work?
Thank you

Yes you need to create private nameservers to identify your VPS if you are not using Cloudflare - see 1 - Manage DNS - Docs - CyberPanel Community ,

To use cloudflare see -

Hello. I linked my domains with cloudflare and everything was working great until a few days ago when my domains became unreachable. Any idea what could have happened? I’m not sure if this has to do with Cloudflare issues (see issue) or my own vps configuration issues.

I need some help please.