Can't able to access CyberPanel

hii i can’t able to access cyber panel. actually i replaced cpanel access port to mylogin from 8090 manually in cpanel but now i cant access anything . how do i change it back to 8090. also can’t able to login with ssh as well. also can’t abel to acces cpanel alternatives.

Repair your CPANEL port

one by one… fix the port first

what cpanel alternative?

alternative is centOS

Cpanel = you mean cyberpanel not CPanel ?

yes cyber Panel

Forgive me,
i though CPanel ( use 2 web panel in one server)

now back to your question that i just understand

if you remember the port
Default port changed and no access to CyberPanel anymore - Support and Discussion / General Discussion - CyberPanel Community

i tried it but can’t able to login with ssh

if that fresh server
i suggest you to reinstall and more carefull before change anything

btw you cant enter ssh because invalid port or username/password?

i installed fresh server the new server is also not working. i am using AWS.

  1. When you do fresh install then you should have SSH
  2. if everything is working fine during installation, then you have working cyberpanel

cant understand what is your real issue access of ssh or cyberpanel?

Would you please help me in this ticket?

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