Cannot create file on server

Hi Guys,

I have couple of wordpress website hosted using cyberpanel. One of those website having the following issue.

I cannot create or upload any files to server via filemanager and FTP, cannot create archive of webfiles, also cannot install any plugin from wordpress admin panel.

Also get the error when trying to export database using wp CLI which saying : operation not permited

i follow this tutorial but the user group seems correct on my case, as you can see below:


i also have tried to use the “Fix Permission” button on filemanager, but it does not fix it

Also when i try to clone the website, this directory does not created ( )

Please help, i need to create an archive of this website and download it as my client want to migrate the website.

Welcome @blonk107 Happy you are here

Can you access the CyberPanel admin panel?

Do you know you can use rsync to download all your websites from /home/ if you have ssh sudouser/root access

Thanks @josephgodwinke for your prompt reply. i just knew about rsync. Just googling about how to download all webfiles to local mechine and found the following command:

rsync -chavzP --stats /path/to/local/storage

to adjust it into my case ( cyberpanel ), is it correct if i adjust it to the following?
rsync -chavzP --stats D:/backup

also, i’m not using the standard SSH port ( 22 ), please kindly help me to have the correct command in case this affecting it.

rsync -Wav -e 'ssh -p 8123' root@123.456.789:/home/ /home/john/backup/

v - for more info when it runs
W - copy files in whole without the remote sync algo
a - keeps all symbolic links, file permissions, and file ownership

You can add -z to compress the files to save space on your pc. However if you got enough space dont use it.

should i make it in this format /home/john/backup/ for the destination? where is it gonna go? is it have to go to user directory?

or can i just use D:/backup as the destination? or how can i download all webfiles to directory in drive D on my pc?

No you can download it anywhere. That was just an example. The destination can be anywhere you have permissions to write

I assume you are using windows. The best option is rsync using git bash see this Add rsync to Windows Git Bash | by Prasanna Wijesiriwardana | Medium and How to use Rsync on Windows using SSH connection? | by Arun Kumar | Medium

Side note: try use Bitvise SCP (Secure Copy) I usually recommend this for my clients its less technical however rsync is the fastest

Thank you @josephgodwinke for your help, it’s solved now, now i can provide my client the download links to download the backup archive.

below how i done it:

  1. i create another website using sub domain
  2. i rsync all files on public_html of the domain to the new created subdomain website
  3. i use “Fix permission” button on the file manager of subdomain website
  4. i export database to public_html dir using wp CLI
  5. i create archive of all webfiles inside public_html ( including databse backup )
  6. share the link to download the archive file to client which is accessible publicly.

rsync command i use:
rsync -Wavz -e 'ssh -p 888' /home/ /home/

888 is the custom port ( not the port i use, just an example )

Hope this case can share a bit of value to other member of the community.

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