Cannot Access Express.js Website

Hi, im new to hosting websites on VPS servers and i tried hosting my node.js API on my hostinger VPS server using the tutorial on the following link: Setup Express.js Application on CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed - Blog Posts - CyberPanel Community

In this tutorial, app.js is created on port 3000 with the output “Example app listening on Port 3000”. I want to be able to confirm whether my api is online. Also, i want the link where i can see the app.js file output.

You want t open on port 3000 make sure port will be enable and configurations will be done according to that and no other process will taking it

how can i do that brother ? @Hassan

hi @mushood yo can open your ports on Firewall from cyberpanel, but if you are using websocket on your api, will wont work, I’m tring to firegureout how to solve this.

@mushood What worked for me was dockerising the Express.js Website and then uploading it as a docker container on Cyberpanel. Works best for me