Cannot access CyberPanel Dashboard

I am having trouble accessing the cyberpanel control panel.
I used to do it at but now it won’t let me.
The site is running fine as well as two others that are in the panel. I upgraded the server and cyberpanel to the latest version and I can’t get in either.
I checked the posts and verified that port 8443 was open and it is TCP 8443 in the firewall rules.
What I do see is that it tells me that the connection is not secure when try to enter to

I am on Ubuntu 22.04
cyberpanel version: can’t log in. I did upgrade 6 hours ago so I guess it’s the latest.

any idea what else I can try?
thanks a lot,

solved. enter thru unsecure and install a subdomain and install SSL as this post 2 - CyberPanel on SSL - Docs / 03 - SSL - CyberPanel Community

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