Bug - WordPress Installation - Wordpress: Installation failed. Error message: [404]

There is a very simple bug which is resulting in error for many users trying to install WordPress on Cyberpanel.

The database name as defined by Cyberpanel is 5 characters of the domain name + _ and database name. For example, the database name for domain.com databases would be “domai_database”.

But one click Wordpress installation tries to create “database” as an individual database which clashes with the cyberpanel database requirements.

It would be great if you can fix this guys.

A lot of people are discussing this issue here

it was happen to me when i connected to the cloud cyberpanel manager and do optimized sql…
everything back to normal when i undo the change (with my backup)

i think cyberpanel have their own reason to make it not similar concept like other panel :slight_smile:

The WordPress installation only happnes if you have any Mysql optimizations.
If you have changed MySQL root pass
ANd may be your wp cli version is not updated

Yeah that is fine, but wpcofig file could be modified to use “domai_database” this would make things a lot easier for many users

then it’s will easier to someone to get the database :slight_smile:
you just can open your wpconfig see 1 or 2 letter in front and 1 letter in back
you can find the db on phpmyadmin