[BUG] SSL problems with mail subdomain automatic creation

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I believe that automatically creating mail subdomains on website creation is a bug, even if postfix is not installed this happens and mostly leads to SSL problems if you don’t know that and you have your mail subdomain mapped somewhere else.
On website creation, even if “Create Mail Domain” is not checked, the mail subdomain (or even 4th level subdomain) will be created.


Anyone else has the same kind of problem?

The problem is even worse: after deleting the unuseful mail subdomain it pops up again , I guess, when upgrading cyberpanel…
It is an horrible bug that makes Let’s encrypt certificate renewal fail for every request from the same server.

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Kindly share your input here [BUG] Automatic mail.domain.com creation and ssl installation. · Issue #1059 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

Please share your server os and the cyberpanel version currently using

CyberPanel has become a pain recently dealing with a ton of SSL issues, best is to avoid it and switch to a more reliable panel


I have bad feeling that all free functions will be abandoned and left buggy and force use paid add-ons where bugs are fixed…

Well you are correct, they released SSL V2 in latest release of CyberPanel and it costs $129, it’s already started and it’s not good, that’s why they don’t care to fix the free one, they want people to buy it for $129 in order for it to work properly

I think you are wrong, every Control Panel, free or paying, offers Let’s Encrypt functionality for free, I don’t think Cyberpanel wants to suicide forcing you to pay for something that is free everywhere else.

That isn’t the problem, the problem is the free certificate isn’t working correctly, it renews every 7 days which isn’t normal, the team is saying that the issue was fixed in version 2.3.4 but it’s not fixed and still renews every 7 days

@josephgodwinke I did add my comment on github. I am spending time many days to just delete mail subdomains and I hope the bug will be fixed soon.

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What do you think it will fix this immediately? Delete the subdomain mail.domain.com and create the same by hand with SSL? Maybe the Email Server V2 fix all this problems …

I delete the mail domains almost everyweek as they popup again, they should fix the script that creates it even if you deselect the option.

check this post