Fixed SSL issue on mail.server and new sites

Hello everyone, I want to comment on how I managed to solve the problem of generating SSL certificates with the latest update already installed on the panel (Current Version: 2.3 Build: 4)

Well, after battling so much with problems that the SSL was not installed in all the sites that I was creating these days (in fact I was installing the SSL manually, which is available for free on the zerossl page), I think that for I finally found the solution.

Today I registered a new domain in the panel, I had already gotten used to the idea that I was going to manually enter the ssl for a new account, when I saw that it took approximately 15 minutes to create the ssl automatically (which never happened), when register the new domain

That was when I started googling the problems and on the page (How to fix SSL issues in CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community) I found the solution in vHost conf… There was the problem

I had a different configuration from the one given on the page in some sites and in others, the ones that had just been created, the script did not exist, so I changed it to the one that appeared (previously created domains) and added it where I did not have it ( newly created domains)

And that’s it, Voalá… by magic the SSL generates them for me in seconds, just as it was before the last update!

I hope this experience is useful to someone and before posting a new post, implement this solution so that the problem is corrected.

This is the script that is added to the vHost conf…

Do you have this context in your vHost conf? If not then add following configurations at the bottom of this configuration file

context /.well-known/acme-challenge {
  location                /usr/local/lsws/Example/html/.well-known/acme-challenge
  allowBrowse             1

  rewrite  {

  addDefaultCharset       off

  phpIniOverride  {


and click Save