Blocking IP address who live in grate Persia (you heard that as Iran)

I don’t know what wrong with you people,

All your team members from Usman Nasir, or Mutahir Aon Syed or others are from Asia (I think from India)

I don’t know why you blocked us! Our country for so many years in alliance, we are old neighbors

MR @die2mrw007 tried to help me but after a while he stopped to talk to me… at the same time he stops talking, he was answering the people in this forum even in github

After 4 days try to install you ./ in many dist of linux and I failed (you can find all of my errors that I posted), we failed … now I’m installing the CWP panel, I’m not familiar with that but I will learn

Just for your support stuff: shame on you.

For these 4 month Thank you Usman and your team except someone

And why do you think Cyberpanel or any software will block you or your country’s ISP? I literally didnt understand your claims regarding this blocking stuff.

There isn’t any mechanism in place to block any country or ISP or anything such. Cyberpanel is just a self hosted panel and it has nothing to do with all the claims you are mentioning regarding blocking.

And I am just an another guy who always think to help people with good aspect. Not getting a reply doesnt mean I stopped talking to you or I ignored you.

Infact I tried to help you for free by giving you my precious time in logging into your VPS server and trying to debug (which none really care to do in an open-source platform in providing personalized attention and help).

I clearly mentioned that its something wrong with your server which you need to figure it out by contacting your hosting provider as I have no clue what exactly is going wrong with your particular VPS server as I am able to install cyberpanel on any of the well known VPS hosting companies like Amazon AWS, upcloud, google cloud, digital ocean, vultr without issues.

Coming to the point, I will still advise you to contact your hosting provider in getting a clear answer for the issues of not able to install cyberpanel in their provided server.

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With do respect to you , we have evidence for that,

We could install cyberpanel in our system with many bugs, before that I told you about here in my last comment

These IP’s was fine in the first time 4month ago I tried to install the Cyberpanel but what happened now ?

The Internet provider wasn’t changed … notghing , nothing at all!

Acording to your comment , it seems there is problem in routing the url in the “”

Can you give me the old file ? I mean that one for version 2.1 not this one.

Or maybe or if you know the way to install that script in manual ways.

At the end : Thank you very much that you spend your time in my problem and it was my mistake and apologies for that


As its an opensource project, you can find all the files and changes in code all in the github repo

You ignord all of my message …

You have been outrageously rude in response to continued patience and generosity by @die2mrw007. I’m closing this topic, but won’t delete it. Let this be a lesson to you to treat people with respect, especially when you want help from them.

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