Big Database import


I am trying to import a 500MB database (65MB zipped) from phpmyadmin but i keep getting “Incorrect format parameter”.
I thought it was not a matter of size, but i think it has to do with it.
I increased the php values to 1024MB but when i enter phpmyadmin-import menu i get a warning for 2MB mas uload file size.
Any help ?

It is always recommended to restore large MySQL dumps via command line.

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You can also use Bigdump - BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer

Very very handy script, i have imported DBes as big as 2GB!


I imported 800 MB database using: unzip -p ‘’ | mysql -u username -p database

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This can be done easily through the command line.

Also you can import large files through wget function by using server resources.

Step 1: wget

Step 2: mysql -u username -p databasename < webdb.sql

Step 3 : Enter the mysql Database Password


For such a big database please use ssh terminal so you do not loss any data.

For phpadmin you need adjust upload limit on PHP 7.3

Thanks for the Bigdump
It was grat

how to use it?