Big Database import


I am trying to import a 500MB database (65MB zipped) from phpmyadmin but i keep getting “Incorrect format parameter”.
I thought it was not a matter of size, but i think it has to do with it.
I increased the php values to 1024MB but when i enter phpmyadmin-import menu i get a warning for 2MB mas uload file size.
Any help ?

It is always recommended to restore large MySQL dumps via command line.

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You can also use Bigdump - BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer

Very very handy script, i have imported DBes as big as 2GB!


I imported 800 MB database using: unzip -p ‘’ | mysql -u username -p database

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This can be done easily through the command line.

Also you can import large files through wget function by using server resources.

Step 1: wget

Step 2: mysql -u username -p databasename < webdb.sql

Step 3 : Enter the mysql Database Password


For such a big database please use ssh terminal so you do not loss any data.

For phpadmin you need adjust upload limit on PHP 7.3

Thanks for the Bigdump
It was grat