Best way to handle client management on my CyberPanel hosting


I’m new to the use of cyberpanel which I find really great.

I would like to have your opinion about the user management.

I host websites for clients, I want them to be well separated, what do you think is the best way to do it, maybe create a user account for each client , create packages, i don’t know…?

Thank you.

Welcome @Laurentfrom47 Happy you are here

You should create different packages 1 - Packages think of them as plans for your clients

Then create a new user account for every client they can use to log into the dashboard and create websites for themselves.

ACL is not important if you are not going to have resellers etc. If its just a shared cloud business model then leave this as user unless you are adding someone as part of your staff then you can add them as admin.

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User can’t create website ?!


Yes by default a user can create a website. However if you prefer detailed customizations of what the user can and cannot do you can create an ACL.

Go to https://server_url:8090/users/createNewACL