Backup to Google Drive

Hello, I found this feature very successful, but I cannot start a backup at the time interval I want. e.g; It starts taking backups every day after 12 pm, but I want it to backup around 3 am. Where can I change this setting?

I follow the step by step, but when I click [setup new account] it sends me to this CyberPanel Cloud screen.

Did anything change? It was so much simpler!

Changed from to ?

Or is it a SCAM? And why did they do it? It’s so less professional, don’t you think? An unrelated name.

You are not required to connect your server to cyberpanel cloud. Its a paid service offered by the team to add some extra tools to the opensource cyberpanel. Some tools are outdated though (like the upgrade process tool).

You should be good with the cyberpanel installation itself without connecting to cyberpanel cloud.

And yes, this is not any scam. Cyberpanel is a project started by cyberpersons team which is started by Usman Nasir. You can proceed if you wish to connect to cyberpanel cloud tools.

@usmannasir @shoaibkk @die2mrw007

I have found a few significant bugs with Google Drive backups (and perhaps all backups).

I just Deleted a website and then Restored the backup that was in Google Drive. But there’s a bunch of stuff missing.

  1. SSH Access Public Key is gone
  2. ALL custom changes that I had made to the vHost Conf are reset to the defaults now. Both for the parent and child domains.

This seems like a significant problem. I only wonder what else is not being backed up by the backup mechanism…

Having good, reliable backups might be the most important feature in a control panel and it seems like none of the mechanisms work properly right now. Combined with Incremental Backup Restore not working (because restic doesn’t do proper restores), I think it should be a top priority to fix these all at once. I would be happy to help with the rclone/restic incremental backup mechanism since I already have looked into it a lot - but my lack of skill and lack of time mean that you have to take the lead.


I just did a normal backup on a new/empty Website and the same thing happened. No SSH saved, vHost changes not restored. Rewrite rules seem to have been restored.



Custom vHost configis were already being saved in case of LiteSpeed Enterprise. I’ve done this long time ago, I don’t remember exactly but earlier due to the way configs were designed I had to restore OLS configs to default.

I’ve fixed that in v2.3.3-dev as you can see here → · usmannasir/cyberpanel@451f6c6 · GitHub

Now vHost configs will be retained in both cases (LiteSpeed Enterprise and OpenLiteSpeed). I will run further test cases to see everything runs smoothly.

Regarding saving keys, I am not so sure about them, will look into that later.


Thanks! I’ve created a test site and will test it tomorrow since it seems that I can’t run a Google Drive backup On Demand and therefore have to wait until midnight for it to happen automatically.

Perhaps while you’re looking at this, you could add functionality for On Demand Google Drive backups? Surely it would just be one button that calls the Backup function…

@usmannasir I just restored the backup and it looks like the vhost settings were saved/restored correctly. I look forward to the ssh keys being saved as well, and hopefully a manual/on-demand Gdrive backup button.


If not, I would suggest:

Option to choose to Backup all created and future sites automatically.
Option to backup the entire account, as cPanel does, the entire user is backed up, with all the sites inside.

Is this possible in the future?

Or is there already a script that every time you create a website, it already activates its backup on google drive too?

When I set up the gdrive backup, nothing is uploaded automatically :slightly_frowning_face:
Do I have to pay attention to something or did I do something wrong?
I have followed the instructions here.

The same happened with mine.

Hi Team,
Installed Latest CyberPanel 2.3.2+LiteSpeed Ent with CentOS 7.
In the latest(fresh install), Google Drive Backup not working.


process killed. moving on…!

Please Help


It seems, it only backup the files, it does not include the database! The feature should be improved, so it generates the backups of the databases too!

I agree. only the web files are backed up. how about the database of that site??

How to run this code -

/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/IncBackups/ Daily

I am using Cyberpanel on a Digital Ocean droplet to host my wordpress site.

This is a very usefull feature. I love it.

I suggest a couple of things:

  • ability to only backup the site database
  • ability to ignore some folders on site e.g. the wordpress upload folder

I cannot delete the account I created in the Select Drive Account field ().

Operation Failed!

Data supplied is not accepted, following characters are not allowed in the input ` $ & ( ) { } ; : ‘ < >.

Should “Add All” button for add all website

Is there any way to find why this is not working? I’ve made the setup normally, but there are no backups. I manually run the
/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/IncBackups/ Weekly
and nothing happens.

See log and you can found the error