Almalinux 9

During the installation process, there are numerous untidy procedures that require intervention, such as manually modifying the repository sources or copying the backup of the correct AlmaLinux 9 sources after the script overrides them to maintain the sources’ integrity.

In addition, I can provide the image to you in your preferred OVA or VMA format, as I said in my initial response.

No news about Almalinux 9 support?

V3.0.0 should support Almalinux 9 later.

What is the expected release date for Cyberpanel 3.0?

I do not know when 3.0.0 will be released, but 2.3.5 was just released, so it might take some time.

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@usmannasir, AlmaLinux 8 has lost extended support which may be an issue depending on requirements of the user. We have been abundantly patient and I even in good faith paid in the last year to support the project. This is now high priority!

Coming v soon


How long from now would you wager? I’m in the process of changing VPS hosts (from Contabo to Oplink) and if it were in the next couple weeks, I’d be down to help test things!

By end of next week consider it done, will give full dedication to this.

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I’ve added initial support for Almalinux 9, install and basic features are working.

Will test more during next week.


@usmannasir Just as a quick note, I just did an install on Alma9.4, wen tthrough ok, I suppose, I noticed it did not install lsphp83 as I saw some references to it not installed towards the end of the install.

Did not have a thorough look through but installed lsphp83 (it confirmed it was not installed yet) and so far, nothing further to report, except one minor bug bear, that is it skipped through the choosing the password for the admin account, and set a default one.

So all up, 2 issues observed from a quick test install.

Din anyone tried the migration from AlmaLinux 8 to 9?

I tried to install cyberpanel on alma9, but still I got this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/root/cyberpanel/install/”, line 2626, in
File “/root/cyberpanel/install/”, line 2506, in main
installCyberPanel.Main(cwd, mysql, distro, ent, None, port, args.ftp, args.powerdns, args.publicip, remotemysql,
File “/root/cyberpanel/install/”, line 808, in Main
File “/root/cyberpanel/install/”, line 371, in installMySQL
type = clAPVersion.split(‘-’)[0]
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘split’
Oops, something went wrong…

That’s the same issue as I had triying to run the using SERVER_OS=“CentOS8”.

In the new version of the install script SERVER_OS is still set to CentOS8 for detected Alma9 as OS?
Is this correct?