500 error after adding Extra ip on vps

Hi, im newbie in vps.
I have cyberpanel installed on my vps for a year.
Recently i buy Extra ip to my vps.
Now, i cant access cyberpanel admin with my usual IP vps, and active sites become eror.

How to solve this? Is there documentation about managing Extra ip?

thanks for ur support

Maybe this can help you [Tutorial]How to add 2nd IP for websites

thanks, but i cant even login to my cyberpanel panel it says Server Error (500)

You need to update the cyberpanel ip here


i want to use that main ip for cyberpanel panel,
and use another ip for website.
but now i cant login to my panel with that main ip address

Try to restart your server and check. It seems your sql server is offline.

hi thanks for your help, now i can access my panel

btw do i need to add all of my vps ip in /etc/cyberpanel/machineIP
or just put main ip here?
is ip in machineIP is just for cyberpanel panel and webadmin console access?

You will need to follow this if you want to use additional IP. [Tutorial]How to add 2nd IP for websites
If you are unable to achieve it, you can hire some freelancer to do this for you.