404 Not Found after installing WordPress + LiteSpeed on Cyberpanel

After installing fresh WP+LS on an existing updated cyberpanel, it shows 404 on every page. What I’ve tried,

  • insert .htaccess file
  • enable/disable litespeed plugin
  • change php version
  • almost every possible solution discussed here.

Nothing has worked so far. Can please someone guide me here?

Hello @cynogen

Have you tried to go to file manager and fix website permissions ?

If this doesnt work for you can you attempt this Error 404 after creating new website on installing laravel web app - #4 by ofyalcin and revert back here

chmod 755 would be the best guidance to give the website permission through cmd.

By the way, sudo chmod 755 /home/domain.com/public_html disappeared the 404 error entirely.
755 = drwxr-xr-x