Your connection is not secure

I have a problem in SSL. I have this message : HAS SELF-SIGNED SSL.
Your SSL will expire in 3649 days.

Welcome @achraf Happy you are here

You need to explain what error you are getting for us to help you. Also post a screenshot. Give us more information.

I make the Issue SSL in my cyberPanel.
But the result is this : Votre connexion is not secure

Your connection is not secure. Probably you have an expired ssl certificate, test it here SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

I have this message : HAS SELF-SIGNED SSL.
Your SSL will expire in 3649 days.


This One not working with my admin and password that I chose for CyberPanel

Run to reset OLS/LS password

cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc

Virtual Host Example does not exist !!

The image is just a sample you need to go to your exact Name-Based Virtual Host e.g. if your domain is then go to Virtual Hosts → click on the ssl tab

Yes I found it and I do everything from zero but no result

What error are you getting ? Same error ?

Yes the same error

Your connection is not private
Malicious individuals may be trying to steal your personal information from (passwords, messages or credit card numbers, for example). Learn more

Check your dns zones are they correct use this tool Free DNS NS Record Lookup Tool | EasyDMARC and post the screenshot here

You should try to reissue the ssl using cyberpanel directly from 1 - Issuing SSL for website

For me I already create my websites and i make the ssl , it is worked for a while, since 15 days and today I found that my website not secure

Issue the ssl again by just clicking on issue ssl on website manager

I already did that, but the same problem