WP Installation in Subdirectory not found by wordpress manager

Ubuntu 22.04

Current Version:2.3 
Current Commit:d32d25fa9acd163e5bcffebd05f0dd565710e964
Latest Version:2.3
Latest Build:4
Latest Commit:d32d25fa9acd163e5bcffebd05f0dd565710e964

I have the wp files in a subfolder of my git projects in most cases. I did set everything up with the vhost file, but as soon as I was using a subfolder of public_html, the wordpress plugin would’t find the wordpress instance anymore. Is there any workaround?

If you’re using public_html subfolder, you should access your website as example.com/subfolder

hi, thanks for your response!

The issue isn’t accessing the page via the web but that the cyberpanel wordpress-manager won’t recognize the wordpress instance if it is in a subfolder.

And Actually i can access the page under the root URL because I adapted the vhost file but either way the wordpress-manager won’t detect the wordpress installation.

Are you using the paid version of managed WordPress? Also can you please send a screenshot?

I am using Litespeed Enterprise with the cyberpanel integration.
Do I have to extend the wordpress manager somehow else?`

From what screen do you like to have a screenshot?

Hello? Someone here who knows how to solve this? :slight_smile: