Wp-admin 40

I set up a cyber panel and created a website, The home page of the site appears as this " Cyber panel installed, You have successfully installed CyberPanel, please remove this page and upload your website"
But when I want to enter in wp-admin to restore the backup of the old site, a 404 message appears
please, how to enter in my wp-admin for install plugin of backup.

for information:

  • I use ubuntu 18.04 x64 and Cyberpanel 2.1


Seems for me that you just forgot to install wordpress?

After setting up a new Website you should go to Websites | List Websites, find your new website/domain. Klick on the Link “Manage”.

On this page you should scroll down to the bottom.

There is the Section “Application Installer”.

Choose “WP + LSCache”

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When i am login my wordpress website using wp-admin, it gives 404 error

Check from file manager is WP installed yet.

put file anything.html
then try to call it from browser
if working…
just reboot litespeed services

the most important thing… disable cache plugin

and / or

if this is happen after x days you use your wp…
try refresh the permalink