WORKAROUND : Cannot login via FTP using FileZilla: 530 Login authentication failed

I try to connect my ftp but every time I seen errors…

After I will connect the cyberpanel database.

If you want to seen your password:
cat /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd-mysql.conf|grep MYSQLPassword

After use this command: mysql -ucyberpanel -p cyberpanel

After this command: SELECT * FROM users;

I seen passwords is encrypted with md5. After I try to connect with this encrypted passwords. Its work!

I want it the fix this problem…

nano /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/


ftp.password = hash.hexdigest()


ftp.password = password

save and reboot server. its work…

What does password mean here

without md5. salt password. because if you’re crypt your password. its not working you just seen: 530 Login authentication.

I think pure-ftp latest version are not crypt login request password.

It WORKS! You’ll need to reset your FTP account password in order to overwrite the hash in the DB with the plain text. Defiantly less secure but it works. What is going on with cyber panel that these kind of issues are always creeping up? Thanks Burti!