WordPress 'wp_posts' high cpu usage

I have a problem with wp_posts table It’s getting too big so I decided to download an extension to clean the table but the CPU draw starts to reach 100%

i try:

mysql -u root -p -e 'show processlist'

Does anyone have any idea how to solve it?

What plugin and what does it do?

Can you set up the query monitor plugin and give us the output? So basically we can see if there is any duplicate queries or heavy one.

try disable the plugin then recheck :slight_smile:
sometimes it coming from plugin and you should report to the developer

sometimes the themes can make highload
and some of “backend” tune

WP-Optimize – Cache, Clean, Compress.

it clean the meta and temp stuff that WordPress didn’t use anymore

i also disable all plugin, but CPU still very high and get to 100%

there is 9 duplicate queries, but I have no idea how to solve the problem

i use Jannah theme, It is a very large theme and I also have a lot of posts, Maybe i should upgrade my VPS hosting?

The hosting I am currently using by Vultr

i think its by the theme, i disable all the plugin and the amount of consumption has decreased a little, but the problem still exists…

thank you for replying & helping :smile:

thats is wordpress

try to enable wp optimize only if you need it…
and try to stop compress image all the time

i was faced problem just same like you then i realize, about plugin and themes glitch…
if you comfort with your current themes and plugin. then you should learn how to decrease the “query”

this cpu usage is just about plugin themes and too much background process. tuning is not always good if you dont know what you doing or just watch youtube :slight_smile:

the problem has been resolved after disabling some plugins for the theme and also activating the lscache plugin (I disabled all the add-ons before, as I said, but I had to wait for a while and delete the cache to see the changes)

also there is functions in theme setting help a lot

Thank you very much @MyIDKaTePe :heart:

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forgot to tell you this :smiley:
more strong your cache… more resources your VPS needed
just use this:

WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
then combine with your CF
enable minify both on the plugin and at your Cloudflare

install any database cleaner but do not run it with cron
after you optimize the database you should disable it.

then go to gtmetrix (if you use it as the metrix for your site… me? i dont trust gtmetrik lol) test it :slight_smile:
that is enough

glad can help you
i was in your position few months ago… but then i learn, why i must use cache if the cache have big impact to my website resources :slight_smile:
even i now use tagdiv newspaper… the most heavy themes in the world… i got “A” score :smiley:

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