Wordpress Upload Limit (Front End)


I hope that you will be able to help me. I have an issue where users cannot upload any file over 100MB (98MB is fine, 103MB is not) from the front end, but I can upload much larger files without issues via wp-admin. I use BuddyPress and Youzify and the Youzify upload progress bar won’t do anything if the file is over 100MB, but I also tried Forminator Pro and I am also not able to upload a file over 100MB, so I wouldn’t say the issue is with the Youzify per se.

I have these server setttings:

PHP max input variables 1000
PHP time limit 300
PHP memory limit 512M
Max input time 300
Upload max filesize 512M
PHP post max size 512M

Any help, please?

Hello @LittleX

Where did you set these php settings ?

Hello @josephgodwinke, thanks for your response.

I set the php settings in cyberpanel admin > EDIT PHP CONFIGURATIONS

The website is hosted on Digital Ocean and I use php 8.2. I tested this also on a different website hosted on AWS and php 7.4. and I was also unable to upload a file over 100MB.

I would also like to correct my previous statement that I was able to upload a larger file via wp-admin with no issues, I forgot that I had big files upload plugin activated, which allowed me to upload a file over 100MB, but that only works for back end uploads, not for front ends.

I hope you will be able to help.

Thank you.

Seems like a plugin issue. Kindly use WPForms or Formidable Forms that offer file upload functionality directly from the user-facing side of the website that have been proven to work.