WORDPRESS: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

I’ve been stuck in this error on wordpress everytime I tried to upload a new plugin that is only 3mb. I have already tried to follow the instructions in this article (How To Increase Upload Size WordPress (5 Methods)?)

  • DONE: Change upload limits from CyberPanel
  • DONE: Add code to my functions.php
  • DONE: Add code to your .htaccess file BUT after I saved it and check my site INTERNAL SERVER ERROR will appear. And then when I redo it, it goes back to normal again
    -DONE : WordPress Plugin to increase upload size WordPress

And when I upload the plugin again on wordpress to see if everything I have done was successful, still the error will appear. So I check this from my wordpress media and I don’t know what should I configure to my cyberpanel.

CAN ANYONE EXPERT HERE HELP ME PLEASE? I’ve been in this for HOURS ALREADY. Thanks for your help everyone in advance!

Welcome @Kenn Happy you are here

Have you tried to change the settings for the respective php version here https://SERVER_URL:8090/managephp/editPHPConfigs

Yes, I also did that already. using this instructions from the first step (Method 1: Change upload limits from CyberPanel) on the instructions above

But still the same issue when I upload the 3.14MB plugin. I really do not know what should I really do now. I need to work on the website as soon as possible and I am still in the first step. Please help me guys. This is my first time using cyberpanel.

Look at what the wordpress says here: