WordPress Stopped Sending Emails


All of a sudden all of my WordPress website’s forms are not working, they are not sending the email notifications from contact forms to my email.

I restarted devcot, postfix, and even the server but didn’t work.

But when I send an email by logging into the rainloop they are delivering. But when I fill the form click send they are delivering.

I even tried installing the plugin wpmailsmtp and tried to send an test email still it is not delivering the email.

What could be the problem and how can I resolve it?

Thank you

Try setup SMTP plugin handle site mail

Smtp plugins for wordpress can help route all mails via the smtp port rather than the default php mailer route by wordpress.

disable plugin…
go to login screen
click forgot password
it send forgot pass email or not ?

No, it is not sending the email. I disabled the plugin WPmailSMTP

you can send from webmail
but cannot sent from CMS ?

forgive me, no offence
but i have stories
some of nulled wp smtp pro currently cannot sent email.

forget it, that is other stories.

have you check the credential ? ssl port aut etc etc

I hate using the cracked aka nulled plugins or themes. I am working with clients.

I found the reason for the issue. My domain email records are correct.
I am able to resolve the SPF records but I am not sure how to add the DKIM and _dmarc records.

I think there should be an option to generate SPF, DKIM records and _dmarc records.
I didn’t selected the DKIM record while creating the website in cyberpanel.

@usmannasir can look into this and add an option to add DKIM/SPF records to the DNS editor.

Thank you for your support.

You can go cyberpanel email menu and choose dkim manager to get dkim. if spf missing on txt add: v=spf1 a mx ip4:yourIPhere ~all
For dkim if you use cloudflare remove all " from dkim

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Hi how do i sto my wordpress sending me email noffications

There is already such function inside Cyberpanel to get your DKIM keys.
Please let us know if this problem is resolved at your end.

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Yes, I did resolved all of my email problems. FYI we should remove the “” quotes to make them work. Otherwise they are not recognized. I believe it should be mentioned somewhere in cyberpanel DKIM manager. It took me few days to find this.

Thank you

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Just for your information: It all depends on the DNS provider. Few DNS provider has quotes in its entry pattern and cloudflare does this without quotes. So, it all depends on the platform you are hosting your DNS.

Also make sure to update your cyberpanel as there is a new major version released which is v2.3.1

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Hi for me the email was sent from RainLoop, But not via wordpress

Use WP-SMTP plugin in wordpress to route your wordpress emails.

in normal condition. we do not this plugin

to test… just open wp-admin
and request the recover password
wait and see does the email sent or not …

if not then “normal” condition is not applied… must find the solution to get normal first