Wordpress permission/owner issues


I have just installed cyberpanel today. I have never heard of it until now. I am used to vesatcp. Switched to Hestiacp which is a fork of vesta, since vesta is no longer maintained. I was not impressed with Hestia.

I installed cyberpanel on a brand new dedicated server. All went well. Got things configured… Then I used SCP to transfer two compressed public html directories and two sql files for two websites I want to host.

The owner of the directories and files of the Wordpress website is strange. I do not know where that owner name came from as it is not a user on this new server or in cyberpanel.

I have tried changing ownership using chown to the user that the website is owned by in cyberpanel. Ubuntu says that is an invalid user.

Please help me to understand what user I am supposed to change the ownership to. If it would be a user in cyberpanel or if it would be a user in ubuntu?

Thank you. Happy holidays!

I solved this issue by deleting the web domain, recreating the web domain, and database. Then extracted the (public_html) file by using the built in file manager in cyber panel, then importing database using shell.

Everything is working that way. Websites look good, load fast.

Not sure what the problem was. It looks the same to me. I’m obviously missing something. If anyone has any insight to my question about owners, and how to know which user should be an owner etc please feel free to comment. I am interested.

It should be cyberpanel owner in my belief because website files are created under cyberpanel user. The default cyberpanel user is admin and you can add as many users in cyberpanel as you wish.

Indeed, all of this is true. But The owner:group is not the same as the user I made for the websites. Very strange.

This is an example, but very similar to what I’m seeing.

User created in cyber panel: example_user
Owner:group on server: examp1998:examp1998

Never seen anything like it. I am really scratching my head.

Thank you for the reply.

Ooh I got it now. Sorry, the user group will be your domain name + random number for each website.

This is done for security as per security audits done in cyberpanel.

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Interesting. Thank you for the explanation. Ill stop focusing on that now :slight_smile:

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Glad. I will mark this topic as closed now.