Wordpress multisite's tld domain ssl cert

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help. I have a wordpress multisite working on cyberpanel, followed the tuts to make it work but I’m having problems with subsites using its owndomain.com.

I have added the domains.com to the subsites as child domains, then issued the ssl cert and then changed path in the child domain vhost from mainsite.com to mainsite.com to make it work.

The only problem I’m facing now is during the ssl cert renovation… the system reads the mainsite.com path and can’t renovate the cert, if i change the path back to mainsite.com the ssl renovation works ok.

How can i solve this? I don’t want to change the path in the child domain vhost everytime the certificate needs to be renovated :smiley:

Explaining myself in a better way. Everything is working fine with subsite.mainsite.com ssl certificates autorenew but… I’m adding top level domains blahblah.com to the substites using the child domains way and then changing the child domain docRoot path to the main site root. It is working fine, i can access the subsites using the top level domain assigned to it, the problem is that cyberpanel is unable to autorenew ssl certificates of this kind of subsites, if i change the child domain docRoot path back to normal “docRoot /home/mainsite.com/childdomain.com.” the ssl certification renovation is issued with no problems. What should i do?

¿Nobody else facing this problem?