Wordpress multisite multiple domains - how?

earlier i used cloudways,
now i am trying out cyberpanel and hopefully want to shift to it.

I need help to understand how can i add more domains to an multisite install? not only subdomains but also TLDs like i could do very easily on cyberpanel

here when i am adding “child” domains, it creates a new folder in the main site.


You have to click on Add Domains. (Make sure you have permissions to create TLD under your account)
Here you add your TLD and point each to the same document root as listed below.
This is one I had set up as an example.

i cannot find this option

just for the record
i have installed cyberpanel through digitalocean

how do i check if i have permission to creat the TLD. i am login as the admin account.

You have to modify the package or create a package with the option

i am unable to change the path, its pointing to subfolder always

You have to set your ppath like this:

oh ok makes sense, thank you!! if few things get right i will stick with cyberpanel. this is very good panel, the only feature i am missing is able to change domain as with cloudways.

also, i would recommend, that you allow donations while giving support here, i would nt mind paying cup of coffee worth taking help once in a while.
i believe in community projects. i think