WordPress modules is not working

I’m unable to access the WordPress module, Every time I click on it from my dashboard (left-side panel) it diverts me to this link CyberPanel Add-ons - CyberPanel

It’s normal, they added that as a preview of a paid add-on, so to use if you need to purchase it

I need to purchase it, it is fine from where and how to enable it?
I tried to click “buy now” is again diverts me to my dashboard of cloud.cyberpanle.com

which nowhere to add to cart and pay so I proceed…
can you guide me?

when I click “buy now” I end up here

Sorry, I don’t know the purchase procedure, but you should need to go to your cyberpanel, connect it with their “cloud platform” (making an account if you don’t have one) and then proceed with the purchase.

Then if no access, open a ticket there, I’m sure they would be happy to assist you

Thank you. I do have an account. I logged in then I will create a ticket as you suggested.