WordPress installer with remote database


I would like to use CyberPanel’s WordPress installer, but to install Wordpress with the remote database.

Where can I find the installation script or settings related to Wordpress installation?


that is on websiteFunctions within github or on /usr/local/CyberCP/websiteFunctions on your server.

On the one hand, you have to edit the HTML inside the said folder

Then, in the file: static/websiteFunctions/websiteFunctions.js you must make the javascript that sends the data, send also server, database, user and pass (fields that you should have added in the html). The function of wordPress Install This is on line 3988.

Next thing you have to do is go to plogical/applicationInstaller.py line 143.
First get the new variables (server,database,user and pass).

Below is when you do the creation of the database, you should do a conditional and not be done. Then, you are installing wordpress with wp cli, just look at the documentation to add the external database (line 269).