WordPress installation error

i have tried to install WordPress showing following error.

Installation failed. Error message: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/keelainews.com/public_html/’ [404]

how to solve this. please help…

Try go that site file manager and press fix permissions

Already tried.
Current file permission is drwxr-x—
i couldn’t change file permission. if i change file permission again its showing drwxr-x—

can you please go to home directory and show the out out of
ls -ltr
so I can see the user of site

do this step

  1. login to your CF
  2. choose the site
  3. pause the site from CF
  4. purge all data cache on CF
  5. close your browser
  6. change your PC DNS to google, or if already use google try other DNS
  7. if windows : CMD → > ipconfig /flushdns
  8. try open the site

about this:
are you using 2.1.1?