Wordpress can not send emails, I am not using plugins

users can not recover passwords and administrative e-mails are not delivered.

Please help

paste / screenshoot here your cyberpanel version 1st
and 2nd… your dns record

share results of //email/testTo:

You could try bypassing using the server’s email entirely and use WP Mail SMTP instead:

The free version should have all the features you need.

If you get a free service like sendinblue and connect it to WP Mail SMTP, it usually works much more reliably than the default wordpress php mail anyway.


by default wordpress server is sendinng emails but they arrive in spam.
so this solution is great alternative.

Yes, my emails straight from the server typically end up in spam and I’m not sure how to get around it aside from WP Mail SMTP + sendinblue

If someone knows how to fix this, I would love to know.

Also, for email accounts using the website domains, I have been setting it up by creating email forwards to a gmail account and then using the “Send as” feature in gmail to send emails.
So, someone emails my email, it lands on the server and is forwarded to my gmail (often ends up in spam, so it’s good to setup a filter in gmail to prevent that). Part of the filter can put the emails in a folder in gmail so all the emails are organized there. Then use sendinblue as the SMTP server that you enter into gmail to set up the “Send as” feature so that you can send emails from that domain.

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