Woocommerce cart & litespeed caching

Hi Team,

I am facing a strange situation regarding the woocommerce caching, my theme supports ajax cart, cart popup which shows the products added to the cart.

But the ajax cart & cart popup only shows correct quantity on woocommerce shop, cart, my-account pages & on the rest of the site it show empty cart & the popup also shows no information.

I am facing the issue with litespeed only server only as these functions worked correctly on LEMP (Nginx server + FastCGI cahcing).

I am looking to move my ecommerce website to openlitespeed as I read the blogpost about the speed & request advantage it has over nginx server, shared by cyberpanel team.

If anyone is successfully using cyberpanel for hosting Woocommerce store kindly share their setup & experience.

Thanks in Advance.


Please provide the LSCWP report number

for how to get it


Hello qtwrk,

I got it resolved as their was some conflict with Perfmatters Plugin (https://perfmatters.io) & LS Cache Plugin.

As some functions are available in both plugins had to disable those in one of them.

Thanks for your reply.