With 2gb 2 core openvz, how much traffic i can take?

i bought a 2gb 2core openvz vps from ramnode, if I install cyber panel with openlitespeed with memchahed, can it take the load of my 2 heavy traffic website?

my one website traffic is 130/140k daily and another one is 40/45k around visitor daily.

do I need to tune any Litespeed or PHP setting?

i am looking for helps guys.

yes with maria db also , here is cpu details http://prntscr.com/sufy1c

how can I create swap? i have 60gb storage on this vps plan.

do I need any PHP tuning or litespeed tuning ? or default is good???

2gb of ram and 2 cpu supports 130k visits?
I with 6 cpu and 16gm of ram 23 k it gets slow xd