Wildcard subdomain create like *.example.com

hey how create this type wildcard subdomain create like *.example.com.

You can’t
I bought MultiSaas script from Codecanyon and the author even says in the sale page to not install Cyperpanel since their script requires Wildcard Subdomains and SSL. This is the link:

I hope Usman and his team have a plan to integrate Let’s Encrypt WIldcard SSL. Cyberpanel needs this feature IMO

Hello, there its easy to create wildcard in cyberpanel

  1. on dns records create a records with *
    2.on ssh root terminal create a user for openlitlespeed. comand 1. sudo /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/admpass.sh
    connect to litlesped yourip:7080
    3.on listerns add your domain with this in front *.yourdomain.com

    4.on https://punchsalad.com/ssl-certificate-generator/. you can create ssl wildcard for free for 90 days.
    very important to graceful restart litlesped after changes

im using wildcard with out any issues, also i run a ssas server


Refer to: on dns records create a records with *

Can I know how to setup this dns record since I am not sure how to do it?

Thanks and regards.

Updated: Please ignore this question since I think I have figured it out, not sure if it is working or not, until further testing.