Why htaccess not working?

Why .htaccess rule not working ?? return all pages as 404 error just home page working

Hello @vjchauhan Happy you are here

Kindly post your .htaccess here. Where are you editing it from?

it’s not reading my .htaccess file and also not return 500 if I type something invalid code

rewrite rules by Going to Websites → mydomain.com → Rewrite Rules

I have another website with different cyberpanel there working properly but not here and not reading htaccess file

Oh now I get you.

Run service lsws restart or systemctl restart lsws after changing .htaccess

Yes I did but nothing happened

how to reinstall cyberpanel ?? because nothing happened I tried everything

Try an upgrade first 02 - Upgrading CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community . I will try and replicate the same in a test server