Why does Cyberpanel request SSL when not selected?

When creating a new website and i DO NOT tick SSL but i tick create mail domain, Cyberpanel will request an SSL for the mail domain! Why? Surely this is incorrect behaviour. The SSL will always fail due to other SSL issues within Cyberpanel so i do not wish to waste an SSL request.

Mail domain ssl is required for proper mail delivery. These days mail servers without ssl rejects mail delivery. It is very important to have ssl issued for mail domain.

What is wrong in having ssl for mail domain? If DNS is pointed to your server ip and propagated too, then ssl will be successfully issued in Cyberpanel.

My point which is being ignored is i DID NOT tick the SSL box so why is it trying to obtain an SSL cert? Regardless of if you think its a good idea or not the end user might have a very valid reason for not wanting an SSL being generated at the time of the website creation. Therefore not ticking the SSL box.

If you untick “issue SSL” option, then it definitely will not issue SSL for the domain. But if you select “create mail domain”, it will create a subdomain of your domain as mail.yourdomain.tld with SSL issued for your mail sub domain.

This will still not issue SSL for your domain which you are adding in cyberpanel. If you do not wish to have mail domain ssl created while adding website option, then do not create mail subdomain and after adding your website domain, create child domain as mail.yourdomain.tld and then issue SSL whenever you wish.

This isn’t a solution! I have reported a clear issue with cyberpanel and you are making excuses. I would suggest that the SSL option is an extra tick box by the mail domain creation tick box or at least make a note on the page so users are aware an SSL will be created. As it stands creating an SSL for the mail domain when the SSL tick box is unticked is a bug to the end user and should be fixed not made excuses around!

You can call this a bug or whatever. But this is the way it is designed since its creation and every cyberpanel users know this well. Maybe you are very new to cyberpanel and not used to cyberpanel’s UX and functions.

You can provide your suggestions in detail with every aspect of your suggestion as feedback and it can be considered.