Why Does CyberPanel Lock me Out After Restart? No Panel, no SSH access

Why Does CybePanel keep locking me out after restart, immediately after installation? and how do I fix this? My server ports are open from the VPS company. I can’t even log in via SSH. Is anyone else having this same problem or had it fixed in the past?
The last time I got past this point, I had to contact my VPS company and they fixed it from their end.

All help will be appreciated…

would be nice to do things for yourself you know? Won’t need to contact support.

well … for me… if this is new server… then i just need do re install… more fast then try do this… try that… try this :slight_smile:

then you should re contact your VPS Company… perhaps they have some regulation about custom port and/or ssh ( weird for VPS with limited ssh port)

It’s a new server and I can reinstall it. Does it mean I should continue using the server immediately after installation, without issuing a restart command? Cyberpanel installation script has that at the end. should this be rather ignored? i want to be able to know how to fix this problem, cos i have become a huge fan of cyberpanel.

  1. after deploy VPS with OS minimum no Apache/ngingx or else and no php no sql
  2. do aptget update and upgrade
  3. run the cyberpanel installation if success
  4. restart
  5. try access your ssh using port 22
  6. try access ip:8090
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I contacted vps company and asked them what they did. They said they flushed and saved iptables. They said I could flush and save or delete ip tables.

Now guys, should I do this before restarting the server?

They said from previous problems with cyberpanel or similar panels there sometimes being issues
Especially if you’re using some script to install it (not installing in manual way step by step)

They said:

After installing cyberpanel - it reconfigures network and something brakes down

i never flush iptables
because default configuration is open for all…
already install cyberpanel multitimes and never touch iptables firewall
everything is working

maybe this is your vps company main rule
better to ask them command to flush it.

Pls which vps companies do you use? Anyone in Europe or accepts coins?

i use local vps provider in my country :frowning:
but you can try warez-host.com i have 2 vps and still have good performance
support is good
offshore and better to contact and ask to them everything your presales question first

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Okay, I’ll check them out. Thank you :pray:t4:

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you are welcome…