WHMCS Permissions Error

I currently have a WHMCS configuration. I have the following folders (crons, downloads, attachments, and templates_c), located in a separate directory than the WHMCS installation. I have the correct path labeled in the configuration.php and the permissions for the folders are correct. I am getting this error: The templates compiling directory ‘“directory”’ must be writeable (CHMOD 777) before you can continue. The templates_c directory is set to CHMOD 777 as it states, but it still doesn’t work.

Directory for this folder: /var/www/WHMCS Private/

Directory of WHMCS installation: /var/www/html/supertolerator.com/hosting/billing

Configuration.php: $templates_compiledir = ‘/var/www/WHMCS Private/templates_c/’; (This is the line telling WHMCS where to look for that folder.)

I have tried contacting WHMCS but they were no help and told me to ask my hosting provider. Can’t do that as my server is self-managed.

Any help is appreciated.

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