WHMCS or WHMCS Alternative?

whichone client hosting management do you use ?
and how you connect it to cyberpanel ?

my whmcs module not working

It works perfectly fine bro. Many including myself has tried and works perfect.

This is the module: GitHub - jetchirag/cyberpanel-whmcs: Official Module for CyberPanel to integrate it with WHMCS. Cyberpanel is a web hosting control panel powered by Litespeed with lots of features

yes i use it…

everything is ok until i want to accept order…

When tested, everything was working for me including accepting order and all other functions.
You can also try Hostbill as an alternative to WHMCS as Hostbill too has cyberpanel support integrated

i will try hostbill

thankyou for your advice

btw how is your configuration ?
run on same server ?
not edit anything on the his php file ?
just enter the password ?

this is my configuration

Run whmcs = server A
cyberpanel = server B
when trying to click login to panel it’s goes to error because load API … then i removed that … link to panel working now…

now i will try using same server/…

Currently I am not using it and hence cannot confirm.

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tested on new server
fresh cyberpanel 2.3.1
all working

thankyou to giving me supported reply to re try…
it’s look like because i put whmcs different server and using admin user to create

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There is box billing which is open source but there is no integration for CyberPanel yet the developer are not willing to integrate to core but will prefer someone else working on it.

Found a project someone was working in bit seems not to be actively developed

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why i cannot find this…

thankyou mate… i will try it too

Glad to know that it was helpful, please share experience and learning after trying it out

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hope it will help the other

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