Which server files are affected by Cyberpanel update

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has a clear experience with updating a cyberpanel production instance on a server with additional software, other than the defaults installed.

For example, in a server with fail2ban installed, rainloop disabled by hardcoded changes on rainloop files, and various other optimizations, is the update going to change any of these outside-of-cyberpanel files?

If it handles OLS updates also, this is an indication that other directories apart from cyberpanel alone are updated, and it would be no surprise if for example there was a check for potential rainloop updates, which will get automatically applied also. A community user even suggests updating the OS also prior to the update, as “it seems that the update script also tries to update the OS version”.

So, to conclude:
1) Which are the exact files affected by the Cyberpanel update?
2) Is there any proper way for narrowing the update to only the preferred directories per our needs? (Not expecting an easy solution for that one, technical hardcoded solutions are acceptable).

Thanks a lot for reading.

Take snap shot of your server and try, if update messing your stuff then restore.
Cyberpanel is open source, so you can clone git and modify as you want. But not sure is it worth all hassle.

Hi @Dreamer, thanks a lot for the quick response.

It is 100% sure that a backup will be taken, as it should be in any update/upgrade situations. I am just asking if anyone has the specific info, which can be very helpful.

  1. Maybe another user or a Community Leader knows the list of the software affected.
  2. Maybe there are some quick hardcode changes that can be made (e.g. someone might say “rename the directories so they wont get updated”, or modify the gitignore file, or something like this.)

Actual answer would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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Updates should not affect fail2ban and config files or any other software you installed outside of cyberpanel.
But if you have made changes on rainloop files what is not config files those might get wiped out.


Hello all,

Just a clarification after the results of the update:

  1. After following the istructions on the upgrade CP article (02 - Upgrading CyberPanel), the update was smooth as butter.
  2. First updated the OS (yum update took care of the most updates which CP upgrade script tries to update later anyway). Don’t forget to Reboot after.
  3. Then updated using the CP Upgrade command. Don’t forget to Reboot after.
  4. Checked most of websites and services (client websites, emails, roundcube, fail2ban, postfix configurations, dovecot configurations, rainloop files in lscp/rainloop, etc.), and everything remained as they were.

Will come back if anything shows up. Thanks!

*A big thank you to CP team for their latest releases.

**Running on a commercial VPS with Centos 7 serving more than 10 websites in Production Env, for those questioning. Updated seamlessly from CP 2.1.3 to 2.3.1 and OLS also from 1.7.15 to 1.7.16.

Updating Cyberpanel does not always update ols.
yum update OpenLiteSpeed